09 September, 2008

those who don't get it, don't really matter [the vampire blog]

this being the fourth attempt to post this blog, i reckon it had better post or else there will be blood...i haven't don the blog thin in quite a while, so this is going to be quite a long one. i was watching the film "Peaceful Warrior" a few nights ago, and a character named Socrates said something about 'trash' -and i take it, that 'trash' is that stuff that clogs up our minds and distracts us from our dreams, from working on our goals, and from moving on with our lives.

but 'trash' does not just come into existence in our noggins and just bounce around in there; the VAMPIRES conjure them into existence. Now, taking a page from the musical "Title of Show" -a VAMPIRE is any person or thought that stands between you and your creative self expression; and they can assume many seductive forms.


-this sub-species of vampire is the most common of them all. their primary purpose in their sorry existence is to shoot you and your efforts down even when you know you have done your best work. this comes from their own inadequacies and personal insecurities of not being able to produce work that even remotely resembles yours. their first reaction to talent is hostility because deep down inside, they know that when Idianale will picks a team, they won't be in it.

not more than a few weeks ago, a vampire uttered thus, "I don't think you have a grasp of fabric." -brothers and sisters, this very vampire was the one who copied off the set design of a sondheim musical from the broadway staging and passed it off as an original and added Big Ben right smack in the middle of it -and claimed it to be "more English"- failing to realize that the famous clock tower was not yet finished during the time the musical was set in. now, don't you think that is rather -oh, the word escapes me- ah there it is: dumb?

i mean, i have had more than my usual share of these things from other people as well. Like people telling me what sword i should have designed when i know very well which dynasty and what sword to use?

or when the aesthetics of the color templates from the time of classical drama dictates that your lead must never wear black during the first appearance not unless you are going for stereotypes -for even an Elphaba first wears grey and Lucifer was once bathed in white light. but nooooo...somehow, a black outfit makes its way into my lead's wardrobe and it's said to be for the first appearance! and so, on-follow-spot-and-follow-the-lead-that-disappears-in-the- black-backdrop-while-running-from-stage-left-to-exit-at-stage-right...ahay, dios mio!

and of course we must not forget those insufferable posers that clim to know what they're talking about but if you read their laocquacious pretense, you would come to realize that they have one eye on wikipedia and another on their crotch as they write their so called views on what a theater production should be. armchair experts like joey tililing have really nothing intelligent to say but they do wax their words for the sake of "kabaklaan".


-this second sub-species of vampire is a remnant of the Dominican-led Inquisition...and the painful part of this equation is that they are often the ones who are close to you or people you look up to. these conservative-one-track-mind-vampires will discourage you from thinking out-of-the-box, from taking risks, or from growing into your potential. i tell you, when they see a rose, they will nip it in the bud! [i think i have used up my idioms at this point...or was that figurative language? moving on...]

they go like:
"maybe it's not meant for you"
"you're going to present THAT!?!"
"what makes you think you can make it?"
"i don't think you should take law"

there's always one in everywhere you go; like the embittered academician who has been left behind, or the envious aunt who has a drug addict for a son the same age as you, or the nouveau riche [oh yes, another blog that mentions the nouveau riche] b*tch with the "mabaho family name...hahahaha!!!

-ironic, i used the term air freshener but i never alluded to it in the last few paragraphs...oh well...


-the third sub-species of vampire is quite the cunning one. their game is deception and there are daggers in their smiles. they can make you look like villains and them, the victims. they know how to cling to power and know how to keep a "hood over the heads" of those who are in power. and when the shit hits the fan, they know how to cover their asses.

the maya carriedos of this world can go as far as calling you and say, "when they ask, you tell them it's your fault, ha...para hindi na humaba ang usapan [at mabuko ako]"

-beware these two-faced vampires for without you knowing, they may have just pulled the rug from under your feet like someone we shall hide under the name Rio Kerras, whom we once took in to be part of the project but come the work break on good friday, he alreadywormed his way into the minds of the producers and managed to take us out of the job and put himself in prime position.


-this final sub-species of vampire is the most dangerous of all. for you yourself create it; consciously or unconsciously.

when you begin to doubt your own abilities, when you begin to lose the fire of creativity, when you think you're undeserving, this vampire takes shape and the dark night of the soul begins...

"who do you think you're kidding?"
"you've been very mediocre, lately..."
"your best years are way behind you."
"you'll never make a living out of that."
"you'll never be able to live your dream..."

you listen to these taunts in their many variations because you know the voice of reason agrees with the vampire...



this blog is dedicated to the Van Helsings who have come to my aid...

and to my beloved friend, Alan, whom the vampires have come to visit...

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