11 September, 2008

random ramblings on a rainy day

I have a very clear memory of watching the rain from the window of the ancestral house [add to that, 8 year old me, pushing a capiz window too far, it fell off...hahaha!]

Have you ever felt like someone or something was watching you in this state of sleep when you're consciousness tells you to wake up but your eyes wont open no matter how you try?

Sleeping through a rainy day... Kind of feels like high school all over again, when you've just learned classes are cancelled.

The History Channel in my cable is back! Oh, how i missed you...i'm getting tired with discovery and nat geo...and boy did the three channels over-saturate the airwaves with stuff all about china in the weeks leading up to and during the beijing olympics.

Yesterday, i had a dream that it was already holy thursday, and my processional image of Mary of Bethany went into procession looking all shabby and her carroza unrecognizabe. The rebulto resides at the ancestral house in panay, when my cousin checked up on her, apparently she's been a bit neglected due to dust and dirt; and she needs a new wig and robe change...wheeewww, i thought it was termites!

Whatever happened to my He-Man action figures? I remember having like 30 of them...

The unwatched dvd pile, the newly purchased unread books, the long bought unread books, my writing drafts gathering dust, the comic book experiment, and that list of things to do/achieve for the year a fourth of the way unchecked; pretty much sums up the past 8 months for me.

I can't seem to figure out the title of this mid-80s sitcom where a witch with magic powers comes to live with a typical american family. Kind of like 'the nanny' but she has magic powers -this was where 'okay ka fairy ko' was copied from.

I want a penguin for a pet!

The songs i keep on singing lately, first "Wish for you on falling star, wonderin where you are. Do i ever cross your mind in the warm sunshine..."
And "starting now i'm travelling fast, on this journey to the past..."

Speaking of which, I just saw 'Anastasia' again after a long time, and i just realized why i love the way they animated the movie. In the scene where bernadette peters sings 'Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart', was done in the pointilism style of George Seurat. [can you draw the coincidence from there? Ten pieces of silver if you can...]

As a dear friend once told me, when you look at a picture again, it's never the same picture anymore...i think that applies to the impressionists...

Oh well...

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