12 September, 2008

connecting the dots in the sky [part one]

you guys can relate to this, right? when you know what you're looking for exactly and remember where you placed it last but can't find it? welk, that's one for Saint Anthony to find...

so, there i was, trying to get this blog started when i had to stop because the very centerpiece of it was nowhere to be found. Not long ago, i took out a ringbound script and placed it on my desk. back then, i think, i was being sentimental.

Earlier tonight, looking for it, i nearly gutted-out my room with the mess i made. And when i gave up, i found it under my bed. Grrrr!!!

This ringbound script with an emerald green card stock cover was the first movie script i ever wrote.

It nearly didn't see the light of the photocopier when i tripped, fell, and had my laptop bag swing 180 degrees to literally crash in front of me a meter or so away.

Luckily, bleeding knees and all, i was able to power-up my old IBM thinkpad at the cafeteria. I guess it was by some guardian angel's whisper that i shoved a diskette and saved it there and then [hahaha! those flashdisks weren't that popular yet at the time]. Good thing i did, for when i got home and tried to power-up my thinkpad like 6 hours later, it wouldn't go past this prompt that said system error or something. Oh my frickin' crock of schist, right!?!

But luckily, that micro-floppy disk was the last thread of life the script clung to. And what's left it now is that ringbound set of papers and some memories.

And here's what i want to share:

Sebastian: "When I was a kid, I tried to create pictures out of the stars by drawing imaginary lines and connecting them. But as I got older, it became a lost cause for I learned that the stars are constantly together. Constellations and star systems, they were called. They were already pictures in the sky and we can't rearrange them. They say our lives are written in the stars. At the exact time of our birth, the stars create a pattern that makes up your entire life. A constant reminder that things are meant to be, destined to be... What I would give to rearrange my stars."

[from 'Leave Your Sky']

Only two people have read this script entirely...only two copies exist...but one, i think, has forgotten...and the other copy may have already been bookworm chow. Oh well...

And i don't write like that anymore...funny how things change.

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