24 June, 2010

it's been a while, blogger...mid-year lessons from the barefoot baklesa

as the title goes, it's been a while since i have seriously posted anything here. the past few weeks have been going by so fast amongst other things -yup, this is a pretty lame way of starting a post after a while, but there are days when you just don't want to bother.

here are a few things from the swirling mist that is my mind:

~ you don't have to ask for something over and over again. heaven knows what you want -above that- heaven knows what you really need. if something is really meant for you, it will be given you. as i have once said, "tama na ang dasal, nabibingi na ang langit baka di ka pagbigyan" [don't pray too much, heaven might say it has had enough and won't be that kind]. i have learned to sincerely ask for something once, and not to expect too much of it. and if by the grace of the heavens you get what you want, then you have to be really grateful for it. gratitude is a reflection of how much good there is you see in your life. if you're grateful for the tiniest thing, you will be given bigger things to be grateful for

~ i may write about the saints, but i have no intention of being one. being burned at the stake is so Salem 1600s. after all, of recent vintage, i have learned that not all who work in the trade of making religious images wear halos atop their heads. some exercise outright fraud and dishonesty, others have tongues sharper than the serpent being crushed under the Virgin's foot, while there are others who have dug holes so deep that they sit beside the throne of Beelzebub. they will damn themselves in this life or the next and i will have great pleasure in watching that unfold before me. you know who you are, you put other santeros names to shame

~ simple as it is compared to it's foreign counterparts, the toy convention at megamall last weekend was the best 100 pesos i have ever spent [this after visiting a sculptor to have my image of Mary of Bethany repaired, as well as going to a painter who specializes in religious statuary, then off to a beaten metal artist who specializes in crowns, halos and religious acoutrements, and a glod thread embroiderer]. Life is amusingly ironic from high forms of religious art to cosplay, who knew...

~ i miss watching the korean drama, Princess Hours... I don't know why, but it's one of those things that i watch to bring a smile on my face. maybe there's a princess inside each one of us -even if you're already a queen! hehehehehe!!! oh yeah, and it doesn't hurt to be fought over by two princes...i know how that feels. *wink*

~ let me tell you something about practicality: not everyone knows the value of it. some people may say they're practical, but when it comes to how their practicality affects other people, they often are the contradiction of that practice. i don't like waiting and being forced to rush. that is truly impractical.

that is about it for now... the Barefoot Baklesa will be barefoot somewhere else soon...until then.

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

16 June, 2010

i left my heart in Pila

I had a great time during the feast of Saint Anthony of Padua in Pila Laguna this past weekend... I was babysitting my friend's Santa Clara de Asis for her primera salida procession... Pila is such a place that inspires the romance of days gone by, and I fell in love with Pila long before i knew the people that lived within those century-old homes.

I think I left my heart in Pila Laguna

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

i left my heart in