13 September, 2008

one interesting saturday...without leaving home

how does one fuel one's mind? how does one take something primordial and end up with something inspired? how does one -ah, forget it! I know the formula of questions works well in threes but i don't have a third one.

today, i didn't feel like doing anything else but be counter-productive...so, i took out my dvd of 'the slipper and the rose' [another musical version of the cinderella tale] starring richard chamberlain as the prince and gemma craven as cinderella. When the movie was done, i took out my dvds of two versions of 'the importance of being earnest', the older version had Dame Edith Evans playing lady Bracknell while the other had Dame Judi Dench. I went through the scenes that i found most hilarious just for the heck of it. And i took out other titles like 'farinelli', 'a man for all seasons', 'medea', 'opera vox' and 'mad love' to go through the scenes that i really loved. I had what one would call an audio-visual overload of an afternoon.

And then i found my copy of 'el puente de san luis rey' [the bridge of san luis rey] which i decided to watch in its entirety. Watching it again, i found a new appreciation for it. And i quote:

"Now he discovered that secret from which one never quite recovers. That even in the most perfect love, one person loves less profoundly than the other. There may never be two people that love one another equally well."


By the time the movie was over, it was late into the evening. I needed that audio-visual overload...stimulated the creative juices enough that i took out a notebook and scribbled down whatever came to mind... like 20 or so whatevers. Hahaha!!!

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