26 September, 2008

divisoria, quiapo, and the right amount of gratitude...

i was at quiapo church yesterday [actually, i haven't been there as much as i used to this past month with rapunzel and all...] after doing my usual walk around plaza miranda, i came into the church just in time to catch the angelus. And it was raining outside; has been since i was in divisoria earlier that afternoon.

Sitting there, i realized what i havent done in a while; and that was to be grateful. Funny, because as i passed by the side gallery where the image of the nuestra señora de la paz y buen viaje was, i remembered that not long ago, i was at that same spot with an earphone stuck at my ear, i suddenly heard "Mama Will Provide" playing on the mp3 player... and i laughed at myself. Indeed she has!!!

A little later, i went out to take my chances with hailing a cab -insane thought during rush hour on a rainy evening- but i wanted to get home early...and the rain got worse! But i didn't care much as i do love the rain and as everyone was rushin for shelter, i was the only one on the street...AND A CAB STOPS IN FRONT OF ME! well, thank you mama mary!

So as i write this, indulge me to be grateful for this. My dear friend Sandro Lopa sent me this:
"I doubt that, Niki. Flattery and kidding aside, if there is anything undeniable about you, it is your talent and your ability to create. I know things get hard, and inspiration is very hard to come by, but that doesn't change the fact that you have the ability to be great! If you need time to think, that's fine, but don't go around thinking that you aren't good enough. Because that, my dear, is a whole lot of crock. Ok?"

Thanks, sandro...that message was like a month ago or so, i haven't been able to thank you for it.

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