24 September, 2008

memories of the TOWER!!!

this blog is dedicated to that ubiquitous, long, and hard member of our Rapunzel set, the TOWER [ikaw ha, what were you thinking about?]

-for being a stage engineering nightmare, taking me 3 days of hit-and-miss with the 'secret climbing mechanism'. Charing![charing, hmmmm, that's sooo last century...]

-for keeping the 6 pieces of the plyboard floor down [by its own weight], miraculously held together by heavy duty staples and without being hammered to the floor...and to think the theory behind pivots is that the floor should be fixed

-for forcing the actors to give the 'most death defying performance' of their lives...with concealed stairs that if missed by an inch would guarantee a trip to Asian...

-for reminding us to not shove something that big without lubrication, thus introducing us to WD4O...hehehe

-for reminding us that you shouldn't enter a moving door as the tower is revolving...

-for giving me 'many-mini-heart-attacks' hoping that rapunzel lets down the right 'secret weapon hair'

-for the storytellers who always forget they shouldn't turn it all the way around but only 18O!!! Grrr...

-and what about sir mike climbing the tower during egress, and I MISSED IT!!!

Oi, Rapunzel and TDS peeps, any more to add?

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