27 July, 2008

the barefoot baklesa's Top Ten Blahs [001]

10. I never realized how 'broth for brains' [utak sabaw in the vernacular] i was until i went out of the way into the other end of the metropolis only to get distracted and forget why i went there in the first place.

9. Oh yeah, Sidney the perfume boy is really gone...been passin by the ubiquitous mall in makati these past few days and i guess it's for real

8. I bought a few more books...a few more books unto the pile that i'm supposed to be reading...and boy is that pile growing.

7. I find it unusual how some people really get engrossed by someone's new nose-job. I guess the surgeon is really that good.

6. Mamma Mia IS THE BEST!!! The entire cinematic experience was such a trip; it's either i was too ecstatic, or i was singin to the songs, or was emotionally taken by meryl streep's rendition of "the winner takes it all".

5. After what seemed like an eternity, i went out on a date last sunday...and with someone my age. Pao was such great company, and the braces added to the appeal... Actually, i was a bit tired so i dozed of every now and then watchin 'the dark knight'

4. Damn these pea-brained posers!!! Your uppance will come...

3. I don't understand why people take their own lives...the 'dark night of the soul' dramatics don't appeal to me anymore. Bitter slice of reality, though...tito arnel, may you find your way into the light in a better afterlife where salvation is still an open door.

2. You know how much of a great friend you have when even at a family tragedy, she thinks of you and reminds you not to be a gay suicide statistic. Maraming Salamat, princess of middle earth!

1. Theater Down South is now a year old!!! Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

...that's it for now

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