23 September, 2008

sampu, pulo, diez, dïs...[the latest version]

Been havin some interesting dreams lately, started keeping track of them when i do wake up -making a list- and boy have i been processing some weird ones...

And here's a bit of it: in this dream i'm about six or seven years old again, staring at the old mirror of my mom's antique dresser -which we already got rid of- and behind me, reflected are shadows whose shapes i can't seem to make out...and it didn't scare me one bit.

Another a few hours later: i know i'm somewhere fancy for i was dressed up, everything is lit in orange and lavender...i know i'm dancing, with someone, i know i'm being held quite tightly -and that's about it.

It's day four, and i'm still sick. This diarrhea feels like that time when i had too much oysters in ilo-ilo last december. Having been in bed two days now, I'm gona miss this mattress, the day of replacement looms...thanks, forty winks!

I'd better get my halloween display started...my tikbalang sculpture awaits to take form. I think i'm gonna need someone who looks like one to model...sylveth, you know someone?

"Never speak ill of society, Algernon. Only those who can't get into it do that."
~lady bracknell, 'the importance of being earnest' (bato-bato sa langit...hahahaha!)

I miss the bibingka soufflé at C2!!! It's been months...oh me, oh my...

I haven't seen my newly commissioned Saint Joseph and Reina de las Flores rebultos since their first painting phase...i do hope i can take them home soon.

Another campus shooting in finland takes the lives of nine people, and the shooter following suit. Notice that it only happens to caucasians? My heart and prayers go to them. As i have insisted for years, never give toy guns to kids...

Hoy, blue eagles! Huwag kayo mag-uuwi ng kahihiyan! The Gesú and Bellarmine field is due for one hell of party and you better not disappoint. Hahahaha!

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