10 October, 2008

...the gods have spoken, ergo laugh na lang ako

"...the gods have spoken. I bring a promise, a holy vow. A world that casts you out, forgives you. And those who blame you, sing your praises now."

~How Shall I See You Through My Tears?
from the musical 'The Gospel of Colonus'

Lately, i have been drafting blogs with the attempt to be more profound and less 'acerbic' -as a friend of mine thus defined my random ramblings about life...but i found that exercise rather futile because you are either profound or you are not. So, why should one such as i make an attempt when i know i already am!?! And we're 'acerbic' once again...hahahaha!!! [and if you didn't get that, well...i really don't want to go there.]

But allow me then, to speak of truly noble men, of fierce friends, and those who "aren't necessarily the brightest bulb in the christmas tree."

First, of truly noble men. I am thankful of the respect of those whom i have considered as fathers and mentors and their concern for me in the years past until now. Some of whom, still hold their then 'once wide-eyed idealistic student' with enough regard to protect him from ill-will.
For at a time when silence is golden against the noise of a monkey clattering cymbals, a whisper drowns out the noise bearing truths that endure. And remarkable it is, that there is more than one whisper...

Second, of fierce friends. Learn then, dear reader, the value of true friendship. Without them saying it, they do utter for you this blessing: "May God stand between you and harm, in all the empty places where you must walk." -and if you find them, be assured that they will keep that candle burning by the window. For in your existence, you learn that some friends don't make it into your future for a reason. And those that you get to keep, are worth the laughter and the unavoidable tears. Enough said...

And of course, "that which isn't necessarily the brightest bulb in the christmas tree" or if you prefer the idiom "not the sharpest tool in the shed"
~well, look at it this way, they can be replaced. Their own inadequacies will send them into obscurity. As the other term applies, they will be their own undoing. Laugh na lang ako...


03 October, 2008

my dose of ten for the week...

in the past two weeks, i have been quite sick
[no, not in the head, we already know that's a given...hahahahaha!!!] and no amount of medication was helping me get better. Thus, i was unable to update my blogs lately.

A lot has been said and written as of late, that fourteen days do seem quite long gone. Cyberspace does, by the amount of ones and zeroes, oversaturate itself to the point of collapsing and building itself all over; a cycle that goes on and on by the second. But why am i getting there? I do get distracted a lot lately...must be the medication. Hahahaha!

Semptember just went by so fast. The 'ber' months being upon us, during the my last trip to divisoria, tabora street was all lined with twinkling lights and christmas ornaments on sale while my mind was still making plans for halloween.

I'm beginning to think that i may have put my trust in the wrong people; and stood by the ill-willed too quickly. Thus,by serious lack of judgement, may have said things impulsively without foresight, myself also deceived and victimized, and caught in the midst of what one might call "kasalaulaan" [forgive the tagalog, but it's a welcome break and i couldn't find the words.] But that mistake, as my breeding has taught me, i will have to live with.

And exercising the better part of valour also means taking all the ill things said about your person, see if there's some truth to what they said, accept them and improve upon them. And in the end, it will make you a better person.
[but my artistic judgement i do not intend to compromise; i know when something is horrible...]

Our Great Uncle Juan Orendain said this to my abuelo, Benjamin de los Reyes, once:
"What is disgraceful, is to be left to the dust after you fall."
Snaps for lolo juan!!! snap-snap-snap!

My processional image of Santa Salome will have her feast day soon...i still haven't dealt with her feast day robes, and her new jewelry!!! Whahhhh!!!

I am grateful I survived performing last september 3Oth as Oberon in TDS' 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'...given the fever, heart palpitations, aching joints, sore throat, and coughing [that miraculously happened offstage] the show went on...horrible actor that i am...[insert reaction here, wink! wink! ]

A must share text quote from Peque Gallaga,

"Sometimes the fluffy bunny of incredulity zooms round the bend so rapidly that the greyhound of language is left, agog, in the starting cage."
~ David Mitchell

Relate, anyone?

Laughter is indeed the best medicine... send my love to the leprechauns!!! my gooseneck, Aria...thanks for introducing me to LEGALLY BLONDE the musical. Im still singing it in my head!

I actually fell asleep ten minutes into the Biden and Palin U.S. Vice-Presidential debate...then again, what do i care, right? Im in the philippines for cryin' out loud!

Happy Birthday to my inaanak Neil Cedric!!! You're one year old na...hahaha!!!