26 March, 2009

the song in my head: Goodbe Days by Yui

There are songs, and there's this one...

In the movie Taiyou No Uta [A Song to the Sun or Midnight Sun in some territories] Amane Kaoru's magnum opus is this one song she leaves the world with. I just love this, it just hits home for me -it's been playing in my head for a few hours now...here's sharing it with you.

Just click on the title link to be directed to my review of the film.

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa


Alexis said...

Wow! I love the words of the song. I can see why it can get stuck in your head!

the barefoot baklesa said...

there's a more poetic translation to that, i just coulde not find a video of it yet... my cousin Aurelia loves this song.

There's also a tv series based on the movie.