28 March, 2009

the niki de los reyes-torres carroza challenge 2009 [part 2 of something]

I was supposed to upload this scan of the watercolor rendering I did of the designs for the processional robes for the family's image of Santa Maria de Betania [Saint Mary of Bethany] a few days ago, but the week's activities has kept me quite busy.

This year, I opted for a more softer and sedate look for her robes; the cut is less complicated than last year's.

For her Maundy Thursday robe, I decided to dress her in the way the Byzantines represented their Saints. The long flowing silhouette is contrasted with the neck-piece and the band running vertically at the front and back of the robe. While the Good Friday robe is based on the patterns from the Spanish Loose Gown -the prescribed clothing of mourning for the female Saints on that processional day. I guess my obsession for window sleeves has not died down since the one on the right runs all the way down to the floor.

For Easter Sunday, i did a variation on the Byzantine robe but did it in a shade of egg yellow and antique gold. I want to see this particular robe catch the light of the sun when she's lined-up at the church courtyard come dawn of Easter Sunday.

There's still so much to do...

thus spake the barefoot baklesa

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