11 March, 2009

cute guys need to get their hearts broken every once in a while...

A few years ago, If I remember correctly, it was on the ride going to the old Malate district after a gala event at the Cultural Center of the Philippines when I uttered these words:

"Cute guys need to get their hearts broken every once in a while..."

And somebody at the back of the car went, "Ouch!"
As much as I wanted to hit him at the time, it was just physically impossible and it would not be proper to do so to someone you have known only two days. I shant name names, but he was one of those 69 Bachelors from Cosmopolitan Magazine that year who had a 'published age' and a 'real age'. Bluntly, this has nothing to do with the video above except for the title.

Moving on... Here's the latest installment to the Mario Maurer Drool Mode. The boy with the angelic face but a devilish reputation appears in the music video for this Thai band called Potato [the name baffles me as well...]. The song is entitled Share and here's the Barefoot Baklesa sharing it with you...

No english subtitles yet though, but isn't it nice to see Mario Maurer's heart get broken? That's a bit twisted, I know... [insert evil laugh here]

...thus spake the barefoot baklesa


Alexis said...

Man! Poor Mario!!!! Sorry! I see him here as a person. Not a cute guy!

Whatever! It's Mario!

the barefoot baklesa said...

i must say, Mario is at his most lovable when he wears those Thai high school boy uniforms... [insert image of the barefoot baklesa with a curious grin on his face]

Alexis said...

Very true, actually! There is something about those uniforms that makes him rather cuter.

The shorts, perhaps? Haha!