11 March, 2009

the barefoot baklesa ponders: casting the Pinoy F4

From what I gather, the local adaptation will be based on the Taiwanese Meteor Garden rather than the Japanese Hana Yori Dango. My instinct tells me that the network may have been unable to purchase the television rights to the Japanese one like what happened to the other network that tried to do a local remake of Shaider but were not granted so as the Toei Company insisted that the original Shaider version was best left alone. Ergo, they settled for a spin-off which led to the disappointment that was Zaido -complete with seal copied or rather bastardized from the Starfleet seal of Star Trek- funny what the blatant ignoramus always get away with. I reckon the Japanese have not found their adaptation skills sufficient. Whatever legal loophole they’ve found, it seems like Meteor Garden was the one they’ve got.

There is talk going around that Sarah Geronimo shall be cast as the local version of San Cai or Makino… I have nothing against the young-lady-who-screeches, but isn’t she a little old to be cast as a high school junior? Then there’s that option of Maja Salvador, which seems ample but I was expecting someone fresh -a new face with that fire that we have grown to love in the previous versions would be really nice.

Then there’s the infamous F4... A lot of names have been rolling around, and I can do nothin but speculate at this point. Hereunder listed with my own opinions about them.

Rayver Cruz: awkward, acting skills like that of a “one-trick-pony” lacking any variation in his performances as far as I have seen.

Jake Cuenca: shows some promise, if his current performance at the drama Tayong Dalawa [The Two of Us] is any indication of how he will take on the character, I reckon he’d make a good Dao Ming Ze/Domyouji.

Gerald Anderson: improving, however I feel as if he’s a bit overexposed; maybe he’ll give others a chance.

Enchong Dee: would do well if cast as one of the F4, oozing with that juvenile-twinky brand of sex appeal

Robi Domingo: I don’t know how he would fare as an actor, but he’d make an excellent Hua Ze Lei/Hanazawa Rui [personally, I’d die to see him there]

David Chua: cute and very promising as well, find him lovable so he has my vote for the role Vaness Wu played.

Marvin Raymundo [Wyjangco]: would do well if cast beside Jake Cuenca as one of the F4, he has that certain yumminess…

Dino Imperial: this is a face I have not seen in a while, he reminds me of Toma Ikuta ergo he’s going to make a good addition to the four, no idea how they’ll be able to tone down the animated way he acts, cute nonetheless

Xian Lim: new face, love his features, don’t know how well he does in the acting department though

JC De Vera: surprisingly, he’d make a great candidate as one of the F4, as soon as they settle the current mess between his management and his current network.

So there we are, those are my fantasy picks for the Pinoy F4. Not that it would have any weight on who they choose, but I can dream, can’t I?


Anonymous said...

i would like to see Robi as hua che li
Raver as dao, enchong as veness and david chua as xi men in pinoy version of f4 and i think Sarah is perfect for the role of JanDi/Makino/Shan Cai, she have this bright personality and natural acting talent.
i wish the pinoy version maka level man lang kung hindi mka higit sa glam ng korean version. coz so far the korean version is the best among the Taiwan and Japan version.

the barefoot baklesa said...

well, let's see if Sarah Geronimo has the acting chops for it, if ever she really gets the role...

i'm really hoping this version would be a visual feast... napaka-rami namang mansions and locations to make it grand...