21 March, 2009

crushing on: Kazunari Ninomiya [i love 'em innocent looking]

I was watching the JPop variety show called Music Station not long ago when I chanced upon Kazunari Ninomiya being interviewed for having been part of the movie 'Letters from Iwojima' -oddly enough, I have yet to see that film. But back then, i already found him really cute.

So, last week, I was able to acquire a copy of Yamada Tarou Monogatari [The Story of Yamada Tarou] which had a Taiwanese counterpart called The Poor Prince from years ago which starred Taiwanese F4 member, Vic Zhou -never bothered to watch that one- and thank goodness I didn't.

I learned that his nickname is Nino, which suits him superbly. Aside from being the cutie that he is, he's such a good actor. Now, there is much to be said about how animated the Japenese actors are when they do, but Nino displayed quite an understanding of nuance in his performance which earns him a place in my heart.

Oh yes, one needs to mention, I love those lips...

What I love about these Japanese boys is their ability to be triple threats; defined by being able to sing, dance, and act. Not like these Filipino actors who do horribly in our local variety shows. I mean, guys like Ikuta Toma and Nino has me wondering why me make tv stars of non-talent commoners too quickly back here.

I can't wait to watch him in Ryusei No Kizuna.

Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have someone sitting and looking like that waiting for me? Oh well...

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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Anonymous said...

Sobrang gwapo niya talaga. Crush ko din 'tong poging 'to! Tama talaga yung sinabi mo: I LOVE THOSE LIPS!!!!!!!
Have you seen his hot kissing scene in Yellow Tears?!?!? Ooooohhhh, what I would give to be that girl he made out with! Hahahahah.