30 March, 2009

Having Some Korean Hotties at 5:00am

It's been a busy few days lately, add to that, my sleeping hours got messed-up by the frequent production meetings at megamall during the peak hours of the day... If you have not figured it out yet, the Barefoot Baklesa is not allowed to be exposed to the sun due to his current skin condition. Ergo, of recent vintage, he has been sleeping the day away and is awake for the most part of the night; sleep comes calling come 5:00am.

But I couldn't seem to be getting any nearer to sleeping come 5:00am Saturday, so I decided to watch the Korean version of "Antique Bakery" which stars Joo Ji Hoon [popularly known as Prince Gian once they dubbed the Korean drama "The Princess Hours" in Filipino] and Kim Jae Wook [from "The Coffee Prince"].

But I think I''m crushing on this guy now, Yoo Ah In, who plays the former boxer turned pastry chef apprentice who loves cake above all things.

Darn it! At this rate, I might just move to Korea or Japan soon with my current chinky-eyed boy obsessions. Whahahahaha!!!

For you BL, Yaoi, and Asian Gay Cinema lovers out there, this movie is one you should not miss. Ikemen [Hottie] Paradise, Man!!!I shall post a proper review soon. I just have to share this for now... Oh yeah, down below, there's a pretty funny interview of the cast.

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa


Alexis said...

Hmmm...I've actually heard about this movie and want to watch it.

I've sort of been bitten by the Korea bug but have never fully allowed it to infect me until I realised just how wonderful their stories are....and saw Yunho! Haha!

the barefoot baklesa said...

watch it!!! i'm still not over it....i have a smile on my face the size of a sliced watermelon just thinking about it..hahahahah!!!!

Herbs D. said...

chinito guys are sooo not my type. lol

F4 fever! WHOOO lol

the barefoot baklesa said...

well, to each his own...hahahaha!!!

Alexis said...

They're actually not my type too.

Won over by the preppiness, I guess!