24 March, 2009

Mew and Tong Embrace Once Again!!!

The Barefoot Baklesa shall take a break from the serious tone that governed his previous post for a bit of lighthearted fan service from my beloved Mew [Witwisit 'Pchy' Hiranyawongkul] and Tong [Mario Maurer]. I'd like to thank Man of the Rose for letting us know of this recent event.

During August Band's "Let's Swing Aha-Aha" Concert just recently, Mario Maurer comes up to the stage to greet Pchy and they share a hug for the audience. Some speculate that it's Mario's attempt to soften his current bad boy image after the messy media circus surrounding a court case involving him and his former manager. Mario, whom the Thai public recently sees as the ingrate with the angelic face, has seen his star descend a bit. Mario, If I were you, move to the Philippines, and your fans will make you a star here beyond your wildest imaginings!!!

I think these guys will forever be remembered as Mew and Tong and will surely be asked to do this bit of fan service over and over...

I wouldn't mind.

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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