30 April, 2009

Rosas ng Santa Rosa: Question and Blunder Portion

The other evening, I was in the middle of trying to figure out what to do with this project I'm doing for a Cathedral in the Visayas when I received these rather amusing text messages from my former high school teacher and friend.

Apparently, she was at the 2009 Rosas ng Santa Rosa pageant night laughing her ass off while sending me the blow by blow of pageant events through her mobile.

At first I went, "You're actually watching that right now?"
To which she responded, "This is where my tax money goes to waste! These stupid pageants and their tasteless displays. The least I could get out of it is a laugh!"

Well, she does have a point there...

Much later, an entire battery of messages came in; it was the question and answer portion already. There were a lot of laughable ones, but the worst was this:

Question:"If you could be another person for one day, who would you be and why?"

Candidate's Answer:I want to be Saddam Husein in order to know the mind of an evil person. Let there be peace on earth!

Sin verguenza!!! I just could not make heads or tails of it! I didn't if i should be laughing or what... And then, the question of such social relevance [sarcasm, hint!]

Question:In your opinion, was Nicole's recantation of her rape statement good or bad?

Candidate's Answer:I think it is good because she has moved on; and it is bad because it affects the image of the Filipina.

I think that answer was somewhat sensible, although it could have been a little better... Well, the judges seem to have no other choice from the lot and picked the latter as the winner anyway.

at this rate, i think the answers from the gay beauty pageant contestants are giving these girls a run for their money... [insert my laughter here]

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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