21 April, 2009

the Barefoot Baklesa is raving about Jake Cuenca's performance in "Tayong Dalawa"

the Barefoot Baklesa could not believe his eyes yesterday as he was glued to the television screen in his abuela's bedroom...

He has not seen Jake Cuenca this intense.

Apparently, Jake Cuenca is developing nicely as a dramatic actor as the Barefoot Baklesa was more than impressed while watching one of ABS-CBN's fair-haired male actors in the primetime drama entitled "Tayong Dalawa" [roughly translated as "The Two of Us"] give one of his best performances to date!!!

Jake Cuenca was at his best last night!!! That's all the Barefoot Baklesa could say as he is still dazed and utterly in awe with the Jake's performance during that dramatic scene where he confronted Gerald Anderson's family after learning that everything he had has been taken away from them. We shant be bothering with details, as the said primetime drama's episode tonight is about to air in a few minutes...

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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