02 April, 2009

In Walks You [the quarter-life crisis anthem]

It's tough when you want to have a copy of a song sooo bad but you just can't find it anywhere. I have loved this song since i first heard it about ten years ago when it was the theme of the long-gone show called Wasteland. At this point in my life, i kind of understand what Tim James is getting at...

I found this video on YouTube; it's not the music video for the song but a tribute video using the song with images from the Japanese animated series Oh My Goddess [or was it Ah, My Goddess?]

This song's for you, Alan.

here are the lyrics to the song:

Tim James

You're making me feel everything

Another sunny day
And I'm here broke in LA
I pull my hat down over my eyes
Grab my shoes, run out the door
Rushing to the job I hate
And the ticket on my windshield's no surprise
God's truth is out, it's murder here
What life's about is so unclear
I want to break and when it feels I've had all I can take

In walks you
And you make me feel
Like everything's ok
Like everything's gonna go my way
In walks you
And you make me feel
Like everything's alright
Like everything's gonna work out fine.
You're making me feel everything..

I feel trapped in these four walls I'm living in
The bills are piling up at my door
Take a walk outside before my roomate's band starts practicing
Cause a little peace is getting hard to find
In a world where I'm outnumbered
Living in this skin I'm covered in
Is this a blessing or a curse
Cause I don't think it gets much worse

Repeat Chorus

I don't mean to sound so down
But I get a smile whenever you're around
And if this feeling I feel is right
I could use someone tonight

You're making me feel everything..
You're making me feel everything
It's you
It's you
It's you

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