21 April, 2009

the barefoot baklesa turns the other cheek and will enjoy the slapping!

well, i did it again... the price of being unapologetically opinionated is that you expose yourself to the backlash of others out there who have no idea what you're ramming at. either that, or i just couldn't stop myself.

well, a few days ago, i had posted a comment on some site about a certain up-and-coming male star that jumped into the indie bandwagon. to be honest, and if you've seen the Barefoot Baklesa's postings about who he's crushing on, you'd clearly see that this guy is not really the Barefoot Baklesa's type. thus i expressed my more than usual revulsion to the poor guy...

that was followed by a few stabs at me in the roll, but since i can't see who's saying it to my face, i shouldn't really take it seriously. on the other hand, do and say what they will of me, but if you put something out there, you really have to be responsible for what you say and own up to it. people can say disparaging things in a blog's comment roll when you hide behind the 'Anonymous' banner.

well, because i have always been a good catholic school boy, i will turn the other cheek and allow you to slap me there as well by posting a clearer photo of my face since you take so much issue with it. i do enjoy a good slapping... Hahahahaha!!!

thus spake the barefoot baklesa

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