21 April, 2009

I tag all thee who readeth this: The Barefoot Baklesa's Three Shots at Happiness

Here’s something I, the Barefoot Baklesa, thought up out of boredom… Let’s see if it’s worth passing on.

I noticed how our Profile Photos on our social networking sites don’t really show people what we feel inside [for some of you, I see]. For the sake of appearances we post photos to suit our vanity. It’s time we try to be real for at least three camera clicks

Once I tag you, you are bound by the curse of a lifetime of unhappiness if you don’t try…Mwahahahahaha!!!

I call it: The Barefoot Baklesa’s Three Shots at Happiness

here are the rules:
1.) Prepare your camera phones, digital cameras, or webcams and be ready to take a photo of yourself

2.) Ask yourself this question: “Are you Happy?” or "Am I Happy?"

3.) Say your answer in your head THEN click away and take a photo of yourself.

4.) Do steps 2 and 3 two more times, you can take your time in between the later attempts, JUST BE SINCERE EACH TIME YOU ANSWER AND TAKE THE PHOTO and DO NOT RE-SHOOT

5.) Re-post these instructions [and my disclaimer] on your Blog and/or Notes and post the three pictures you took in order just below it… You’ll be surprised at what you see, trust me.

6.) Don’t explain yourselves. A picture’s worth a thousand words and you’ll be displaying three in the post. But once someone comments on the photos, then you can respond to that.

7.) Pick and Tag your Friends/Contacts and pass it on.

the Barefoot Baklesa takes credit for this unusual me-me and is not sure if someone has come up with it before…

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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