30 April, 2009

ten things in my gay mind: missing a few friends and some other things...

10.] Remember your Friendster account? Well, with so many beta and networking sites that have been popping-up, it has become quite a chore to deal with the nitty-gritty of that site. I mean, when did Friendster become FS? And when did it become so loaded? Here I am still trying to figure out Facebook and I never realized how much FS had a major face-lift, pardon the pun.

For the longest time, i have just been logging on to Friendster, just to see if the site's still up, but have never bothered updating the contents. To get to my point, there i was going through the dust bunnies, cobwebs, and the corpse of a dead friend by a corner [kidding!] when I started checking out my messages in the inbox.

And there it was, this simple e-mail that prompted this blog post and it read, "Hey Niki, here's my number _ _ _ _ _. Text me, okay?"

And sorting through a dozen or so more messages, I read another e-mail, sent earlier than the previous one, answering the same e-mail message I had sent him long ago. And I must say, after reading them both, i was touched.

You see, Robert is not the type of friend that i have spent innumerable hours with bonding as friends would. I met him under the circumstances of digits and e-mails; yet he is as dear to me as someone I have spent a lifetime of friendship with. He's a person that's not hard to like; and he has this very positive vibe about him. I appreciated his sincerity, the helping hand he extended during my brief stint at ABS-CBN, and the many musings about almost anything exchanged during coffee breaks and lunch hour. And it did not hurt that he was Ilonggo and could also speak Kinaray-a as well...

Robert strikes me as a traveller in this lifetime. Having kept in touch after working for the other network, I have seen the guy juggle with staying in the Ateneo or leaving the Ateneo, learning to be a pilot [i gotta ask what became of that], attend what seemed to be fun parties, come back from whichever corner of the world he decided to explore -such things that I only associate with him.

In the simplest exchanges, catching-up, and just letting the other know what's up, Robert has earned a spot in my heart for being genuine amidst the distance.

I believe that there are people in this life we don't seem so obviously connected to, but they are bound to us eitherway. If there is a next lifetime, It would be nice to find him there as souls get reincarnated with the same set of souls from a previous life. [But I'm babbling again, and we must proceed]

This is to you, Robert... I'll call you in a while. [oh yeah, i just had to post your photos here.... Hahahahaha!!!]

9.] We had dinner at Alba's in West Gate, Alabang a few hours ago... That was one to clog the arteries, Hahahahahaha!!! Thanks, Owee!!!

8.] I have been staring at the plans for the Cathedral I'm doing consultancy for, for days now... I had better get a move on...

7.] I miss my friend Ara... I hear she's making a name for herself as a maquillage expert/artist. Apparently, she just got back from the US for some more training. She was the first friend I called "Kagandahan" as a term of endearment... We have shared many-a-sleepless nights doing production work for Tanghalang Ateneo during our day.

6.] On my way from Greenbelt Five yesterday, i chanced upon a fellow intellectual and kindred soul whom I call Tita Maggie [Margarita Muñoz-Shih]. I have not seen her in three years! Such a classy lady, I tell you. Her poise, her bearing, and her fashion sense: she was wearing this fabulous empire-cut teal green blouse tailored to produce such a clean silhouette. And the green complimented her mestiza complexion so well. And her purse was to die for... I'm beginning to sound like a gay cliche ergo I must stop now.

5.] Tita Maggie informed me that Tito Jorge [also a kindred soul and beloved friend] is currently in the hospital; and that his mother passed-away two days ago. May God grant eternal rest upon her soul. I'll see you soon, Tito Jorge...

4.] The rain does wash away many things... and it has ways to stir the heart...

3.] What the F_ _ _ is with this Korina Sanchez and Senator Mar Roxas engagement hooplah. I am sick to death of this contrived spectacle complete with tears on Mar Roxas' cheeks!!! Im sure, the senator took an acting workshop to learn how to "cry on cue"! i want to know who was the acting teacher who taught him and give him a telling because the tears aren't genuine enough. [insert image of the Barefoot Baklesa hunting down insufferable second-rate acting workshop teacher... Hahahahaha!!!]

2.] Apparently, leche flan [caramel flan] and French-pressed coffee make for a great 4:00am snack.

1.] Finally, to end on a more happier note, my cousin Amy said "Yes" to Steve; I just found out on Facebook a while ago. Congratulations on the engagement and here's wishing thee all the best.

...thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa


Cardinal Richelieu said...


Mon Dieu! Votre Ami est tres belle!
Et maintenant ici le vote de
jury suisse Robert douze points!

the barefoot baklesa said...

my dear Cardinal...

he does have that effect on people... hahahahaha!!!