04 August, 2009

a little late but still sharing...

In the rush of the last week, I almost forgot about the feast day of Saint Mary of Bethany last July 29th which is also the feast day of her siblings Martha and Lazarus… To those of you who know me quite well, we have an image of Saint Mary of Bethany under our care, amongst other ones… It was around 5:00pm that day when I realized that the feast day was almost over.

Thank goodness I was able to relay the instructions for her feast day the Sunday before. It’s tough when the image is a half an archipelago away at our ancestral home in San Jose, Antique. [Maybe I should have a smaller one commissioned for our residence here…Then again, with the other ones residing in our home, I don’t think there’s still room. Hahahahahaha!!!]

To Saint Mary of Bethany, may the grace God has bestowed us through our devotion to you be shared with those who remain loving and loyal to the de los Reyes Family.

All things done, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

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