05 August, 2009

on this blog soon: The Barefoot Baklesa's Impressions

Soon, I shall be posting casual conversations with people I find to be of interest in this tapestry of people in my online and real life... People leave certain impressions of themselves at every encounter; and it's not just the first one, really. With me, it goes beyond that. [But of course there are those Neanderthals that at the first instance you know they'll evolve into the Ostrogoths or the Visigoths of later barbaric times! Hahahahhaha!!!]

I'll try to portray these people as I see them, as what i think of what they think, as what they mean more/less than what they say... You'd be surprised how differently some things come out.

One can never know a person entirely, but there's a lot to be learned with what they want you to know about them and what that is they care to share...

As the first in this series, I shall be featuring model and talent
RYU DAIGO -who was nice enough to allow me to feature him as the first in this series-

Here's hoping you guys enjoy this one...

photo courtesy of Bubum Melgar, just click on the link, guys...

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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