08 February, 2009

paranoia much?

Have you ever had moments when you are reading something and your consciousness spaces out but your eyes are still going through the words? It's like I'm a college freshman at Ateneo all over again, reading Doctor Cuyegkeng's Chemistry handouts...Hahahaha!!!

A few days ago, I received my biopsy results the same day they drew my blood for an entirely new battery of tests and profiling. And it read thus:

"Sections of two slides of the specimen showed compact orthokeratosis...
...and superficial perivascular lymphohistiocytic infiltrate."

It's quite lengthy so I just took the first few words and the last ones out of that paragraph. Where's Jesse Spencer [aka Doctor Chase in HOUSE] wearing his usual perriwinkle shirt with the striped maroon tie under his doctor's coat when you need him? But I reckon neither a handsome Aussie TV doctor's words nor his presence is comfort at this time when the real ones are still figuring their way around this...

They say at times like this you get to really know the company you keep; and you learn something new when you reach out to people and share your fears... My cousins have been more paranoid about my medical appointments than I have. And I love them for it. Like what they've been ramming into my head late last year, it's the year to get well.

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