12 February, 2009

curious indulgence: the ubiquitous gold box from Godiva Chocolatiers

One of my favorite indulgences is fine chocolates...

I make a mean hot chocolate drink from native cacao tablets or 'tablea' [ground up coco beans] they make from my ancestral province of Antique [pronounced 'ahn-tee-keh', located within Panay Island in the Visayas]. The really authentic way of cooking it is in a brass pitcher/pot with a wooden whisk aerating it by hand as it boils. One of my great aunts bequeathed her brass 'batirol' [local name] to me not long ago. The same 'batirol' they used to cook the hot chocolate they served me as a kid. Ergo, I was raised in this culture of chocolate consumption.

Thus when it comes to other chocolates, I'm quite particular about the ones I love. So, when the ubiquitous gold boxes from the Godiva Chocolatiers arrive for the holiday season, the barefoot baklesa makes sure his boxes don't get snatched by the likes of Evil Opportunistic Erna and Fat-Ass Cousin Jocelyn... They can have the ones tainted with Melamine for all I care... Hahahaha!!!

This blog is my tribute to the many times the contents of that ubiquitous gold box put a smile on my face. Now all I need is to find someone to gift me a box this Valentines... Anyone?

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