02 February, 2009

the barefoot baklesa gets wasted for the first time this year!!!

this one is for the books!!!

You know what else is good about getting wasted? Getting wasted with a great friend around at a great friend's birthday bash!!! I'm like the last person one would expect to pick up a karaoke/videoke microphone; but at Owee's house, i held on to that microphone like there was no tomorrow...thanks to Char, who accompanied at the microphone that night; until next time, dear.

My friend Sandro and I took a ubiquitous "wasted at the party photo" -posted above- just in case the world needed incriminating evidence against the expectation that the barefoot baklesa doesn't get wasted...hahahaha!!! Someone even asked Sandro and I if we were related, I guess that's saying a lot about how genuine a friendship is. Indeed that is one thing to be grateful for.

On the other hand, I haven't been this wasted in like... forever!!! It's nice to let loose and let your guard down in a place where you know you're safe and in great company [that's the third time I used the word 'great' in this blog...wait, let me count...okay, four, including the one within the bracket]. I guess that's how cautious I have been lately...

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