05 December, 2008

hey, this is for you [you know who you are...]

dear friend,
in my heart of hearts [cold and frozen as it is for some], i feel your pain... as we have learned the hard way, when people really see nothing meaningful in their lives, they tend to send "ill-will" by the way of those whose lives they can never have or those they can never hold a hair to. the ammunition they use, is the lowest of the low -and says much about who and what they are.

if you're feeling torn on the platform, there's always the next train... I guess we'll have to wait for that to come around the railroad bend.

no one should get left behind... and if they do that, then too bad for them. i reckon they don't deserve your love or, to the least, that tear you're trying to stop at the corner of your eye.

and when the darkness seems unending, it doesn't hurt to pay the electric bills!!!!


basta, you know what I mean...
sending you my love...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello po! Owner po ba kayo ng wooden doll na ito? Nagbabakasakali lang po kung binebenta or may balak kayong ibenta ito. Salamat po! :D