14 December, 2008

the end of my MULAN journey

i'm a little sentimental today...
the 14th of December marks the end of my MULAN journey. This play was produced by Repertory Philippines Children's Theatre and ran from August 9th to December 14th,2008 at Onstage in Greenbelt One.

It was almost a year ago in November when i began meetings with theater veteran Joy Virata to be considered as a production designer for the musical. I really loved the Disney movie and I wanted to put my own spin into the design for live performance. After seven months in the design process,4 maquettes [scale models], sketch after sketch, meeting after meeting,deciding whether i should use peonies or cherry blossoms, trips to divisoria for costume materials shopping,trips to the warehouse during set construction, and hundreds of yards of fabrics later, here I am blogging about the end.

It was a journey that I took with the resolve that it would somehow put my name on the map as a production designer [not that I have not done anything before, but I was banking on a bit of a career boost every now and then]... i really don't know how that is going...you have critics and you have yourself to contend with...and you are meaner to yourself.

time to start another journey

for more photos of Repertory Philippines' MULAN, check out www.thenikitorres.multiply.com

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