01 July, 2009

Have You Ever Loved [As-Tu Déjà Aimé] and some thoughts in my head [and heart]...

The Barefoot Baklesa has been a little distracted lately... Well, more like he hasn't been himself ~his cynical and jaded self~ in the midst of all this... and technically lost for words at this point, you see. [I can hear someone going, "That's a first!"]

In your lifetime, you meet people who are like rivers that take you as they flow, and you are suddenly immersed in everything they are... and come out of that brief encounter not quite the same. And when you think it was but for a moment, they would carve a path for their raging waters to flow your way and take you once more; never wanting you to take a step into the muddy banks...

Am I smitten?
I could be... [maybe Kenneth can answer this one]
Yet I am cautious... [much to Kenneth's impatience]
But slowly, these past few days, I have begun to leave all that I must by some riverbank I wish not to return to nor remember; ready to brave the rapids and see where it takes me. [see where Kenneth takes me]

This particular song, As-tu déjà aimé from the film Les Chansons D'Amour best defines what I'm going through right now...

As-tu déjà aimé
Pour la beauté du geste?
As-tu déjà croqué
La pomme à pleine dent?
Pour la saveur du fruit
Sa douceur et son zeste
T'es tu perdu souvent?

"Have you ever loved
For the sheer sake of it?
Have you ever taken a bite of the apple
For the sheer taste of the fruit?
Its sweetness and its zest
Have you often lost your way?"

...thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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Alexis said...

Niki! A huge thanks for the video! i really love it!

The analogy between the apple and love is brilliant!