20 May, 2010

saint or sinner with a bamboo pole

somebody sent this through text message the other day:

forgive the jejemons, guys...but you will surely find it entertaining...hehehe!

"Ah tlga? kng di epektib eh di mahimlay ka na pinun0ng satan sa iy0ng kawayan at paikot ikot sa higaan mung apoy. Hahaha Para Lydias Lechon ala Satan ang Lbas cnfirmed! Jejeje geh na alis pko eh. Slipwell :-)"

[translated: oh really? if that doesn't work, then mount your bamboo, o lord satan and roll over your bed of flame. hahaha just like Lydia's Lechon (famous roast pig brand) ala Satan, confirmed. Hehehehe, i'm off. Sleep well :-)]

this is just the tip of the iceberg...very guttersnipe, ain't it?

Now tell me, what kind of person is capable of that? tell me... truth be told, I can't believe I lasted almost a year with that...

the photo above is for emphasis..and para mapagbigyan.

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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