17 May, 2010

I'm Still Here...

this will be brief.

here are some things in the swirling mist that is my mind:

~I love theater... but truth be told, I have no love for some people I do it with. The best traitors are found in close proximity. Lesson Learned: just do your job and don't bother with the vampires...

~I hate to be the Grinch, but it's not normal what is going on in this country!!! The message of change and hope may be reverberating across a majority of the voting populace but why does it feel like an Obama scenario all over again? Change that people were fooled to believe in, my a$$...the people around you are the same cast of fools from the last time. I'll be watching you Mr. Male Pattern Baldness... Your Yakitty-Yak of a sister ought to keep her word and rid us of her presence in the archipelago. There's only too much of you guys i can handle on t.v.

~People should learn to pick their battles... that's for you, Senator Jamby Madrigal. Bilib din ako sa fighting spirit mo, teh! Same goes for JC de los Reyes and Nicky Perlas!!! No matter how many votes you said weren't counted, asa pa kayo na inyo yun!!!

~Apparently a baby was born... can someone who knows which baby I'm talking about please check if the child has the "mark of the beast" on his forehead? That's the mark of the Anti-Christ, for you who don't get it. The signs from the heavens were so obvious, the first of which is it rained on Maundy Thursday. Just a precaution...

~Again, kudos to Manong GIBO for fighting the good fight.

~MY Super Junior addiction has leveled-up!!! Spending an hour looking at photos of Siwon and Donghae is not healthy for the Barefoot Baklesa's already befuddled mind...Hehehehe!!! And I thought my Asian-Envy ended with the Japanese...

~I have learned that if you want to buy a book, just get it... Don't wait for eleven years later when you might need it.

~People should get a clue when to just give up.

Now, was that brief?

Thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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