31 December, 2009

TEN THINGS IN MY GAY MIND: end of year special

I obviously have not done this in a while; ergo I found it fitting that as the year draws to a close, that the Barefoot Baklesa posts one before the new year...

10. The Travesty that comes with Suffrage or should we call it SuffERage is upon us once again. The claws are out and the fangs are bared, as the monsters that are every Politician and Political Wannabe with enough spending power hath made their presence felt.

From the screeching of Regine Velasquez singing a worn out slogan ["Hindi Ka Nag-iisa"] that was better left in the 80s; to Erap Estrada's gloom and doom television ad signalling his return and the bad things that come with him; to Villar's sing-along videos that teaches us that former fish vendors must marry rich women with two episodes of Maala-ala Mo Kaya to support it; and special mention goes to Eddie Villanueva which summarizes to "Eddie Ako ang Nahihibang" [Dude, nobody made you president last time. Get a clue] "Eddie Ako and Walang Originality [What's with wearing color yellow? The last I checked, the Aquinos have worn that as a political color since the 80s... You don't know who you're messing with. Don't you know that Kris Aquino can throw you into media purgatory?]; all these are but signs that the dark cloud of National Elections are hovering over the islands.

And my latest pet peeve, I saw a tarpaulin ad of some local councilman that goes like this: "NINOY BIG BROTHER DOUBLE UP" -complete with the house and logo of the popular reality television show. Can anyone spell COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT? If the elect politicians themselves have/display a blatant disregard for basic laws, then we should think twice about what else he has no regard for.

Oh heaven help us... For I think we have not seen the last of Mar Roxas' constipated acting.

9. I'm thinking of recommending to have someone submitted for psychiatric evaluation or better yet, admitted to a psychiatric institution... will blog about this more soon... I think the United States Immigration Bureau takes the mental health of their people coming into their country seriously. Hahahahahaha!!!

8. Truly, someone like Efren Penaflorida deserves the honor of a CNN Hero and CNN Hero of the Year. There's much to be said about Filipino creativity and ingenuity with what he was able to come up with and continue to do. Hats off to you, brother!

However, this is my take on this: During one of my Sociology classes at the Ateneo long ago, our professor once said that, "We must never use education as the ready answer to society's problems." It seems easy to say, "Get them educated and they'll know better" but education doesn't really do much if the system and socio-dynamic to which they exist is not conducive to any kind of solution to the problem. Damned if you do, damned if you don't...

It's not easy what you do, Efren... I'm praying that you have enough strength to go on.

7. There is much to be appreciated with crisp starched sheets... I have to admit, that at this day and age, it is quite a luxury to have your sheets and pillowcases starched the old fashioned way and not the starch spray that comes in a can; but it just feels so good to sleep in starched bed linens.

That's one for the Barefoot Baklesa's Luxury List

6. To anyone who has seen him before, Jarrett Moreland is just the hottest!!! I reckon in this case, a picture's worth a thousand words, so I'll give you three...

5. "We put up a theatre company at the most difficult time, and here we are, three years later. Still surviving, still able to sell seats and shows, still able to do what we set out to do on day one."

-quoting Michael Williams, Artistic Director for Theater Down South

Here's one for gratitude [first to the Divine Maker]; for Theater Down South's third year in the theater scene. We'd like to thank our family, friends, sponsors, little supporters, and dare I say it -FANS- who bought tickets to our shows, applauded our performances, and asked us "What's next?"


click here Theater Down South to learn more about us...

4. Believe it or not, ubiquitous as it is with Christmas Ham, I actually missed Christmas Fruitcake. I just could not stop munching on it! And the ones we got were homemade; which made it all the more addicting!!!

3. I can say that the last quarter of this year was the time in my life that I used up enough glitter to last a craft hobbyist three lifetimes... Crazy-cut, Regular, Fine, Glass Dust, Opaque, Translucent -name it, I have used kilograms of it. I'm sure somewhere out there, Martha Stewart is very proud of me...

2. To my dearest Kenneth, you already know this, but its worth saying it over and over: "Sometimes, people who argue over the stupidest things are those that care about each other the most."

You know how I feel about you, ergo like you said, there's no need to be cheesy about it. Hehehehehe....

1. Whoever it is that invented the "hot-melt glue gun" should receive the recognition he/she deserves for making all our crafting lives easier.


...thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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