30 December, 2009

On the Sixth Day of Christmas: Looking Back at the Chris_MESS

Before anything else, allow me to greet you a Happy Christmas and wish you the warmest this most joyous of holidays.

If the infrequency of my Blog Posts are any indication of the current state of schedule juggling I had to deal with, then permit me to do and Uncle Scar and go, "You have no idea..."

Week after week since the middle of October, deadline after deadline seemed to have just replaced the previous one that I seem to have faced the Holiday Rush-slash-Crunch quite unprepared. Those who know me personally, can attest to the fact that Christmas is such a big deal for me... And by big deal, I mean "Put-on-your-Martha-Stewart-apron-and-Better-Homes-&-Gardens-rubber-gloves". I have exhausted every Christmas issue of every home magazine I could find to plan the theme and treatments for the coming Christmas. It's usually after I take down my Halloween stuff that I start working on sections of the house in the weeks that would lead to December 1st.

However this year, such was not the case. It was already December 8th when I had the chance to start on some parts of the house and not until the 17th that we had some cohesive Christmas look -left to be finished. Case in point, twas by December 24th around 7:00pm that I was able to hang the last wreath at the cathedral window at our stairway. Oh yeah, that's really cutting it close. Consider then, the fact that I had just come from setting-up three venues the night before for the three mall shows we had come Christmas Day.

Yup, you read it right...three mall shows on Christmas Day...and two of those three malls had two performances each.We literally were tasked to bring joy and cheer then.

On the days leading to that, you could hear people in the company going, "Good luck sa atin, Kapatid!" or "Double-Dead Rehearsals today." or "Life? What Life?"

Sidebar: As I type away, I noticed how I can't seem to get into my blogging pace or call it groove...

But the point is, we survived. And I am thankful for the people that were with us during those days when we just had to push to get things done.

You gotta love what you're doing to be able to do the impossible.

So there, enjoy the rest of the Holidays!

...thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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