20 June, 2009

the things you can't change...

I shall keep this brief...

This has been quite a week for me. I'm having the mid-year blues, which in my youth is the time when I usually just get horribly sick and miss school, and is now replaced with days when I feel like I'm picking up pieces of myself and just trying to get through the day.

I went to Quiapo Church to attend Friday Mass. On my way home, I chanced upon a young lady who was selling aquarium fishes. I was so taken by a purple-ish blue fighting fish that I immediately bought it [a steal at 35 pesos, i tell you].

On the way home, I was thinking about what a friend once said, "When you can keep something alive, then it shows how much you can take care of who has been destined for you." ~I took that with a degree of distance, really... But was indeed thinking of it.

I went home, found this beautiful crystal orb container and moved Yuri [my new fish's name] to his new home. I made sure i followed all the precautions from my memory of taking care of fish and placed him in my room.

I was happy to wake up to its beautiful form moving about the glass container. When I left to visit a friend, I made sure I fed Yuri for the day. But when I got home a while ago, I found Yuri's dead and lifeless coil... And i'm just ~for the lack of a better term~ sad...

I can barely keep a fighting fish alive, what does that say?

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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Man of the Rose said...

hi tbb,
firstly, so sorry for your lost. secondly, i really find the cost of a fighting fish so damn expensive there as it only costs me Thai Baht 3 (Pesos 4.5) here. as to how Yuri died, did you use a drinking water or at least a filtered water? or you use a tap water direct from the faucet without putting an anti-chlorine liquid? as for their habitat, better put them just in a transparent bowl/glass. if you added colored stones, you should soaked those for at least 24- 42 hours until the chemicals are removed before putting your fish in. hope these help. better lucknext time! mwah!