01 May, 2009

on this, the first of May:

To recall, after much bitching about the more than often unfair circumstances of the world, a dear friend of mine responded with:
"Welcome to the proletariat world, Niki."

Now, before you pass judgment at me for being a naive elitist -like what I have been accused of previously at some thread- please do note that I am not that disconnected from the world. i have seen my share of what people consider is wrong in this world. That is why I enjoy my trips to Divisoria, Binondo, and Quiapo -there's a part of me that feels alive when I see the dynamics of society, poverty, trade [underground trade at that], the dishonesty of some businesses, social dynamics, etcetera.

I have made great friends with sellers, vendors, tri-bike drivers, cargadores, and have heard their stories... I have always been interested in what they had to say, some struggle by the day, some unsure of what the future is... But what can I do, right?

It's not as if I can go out there and just change the world, wearing sustainable fabric, and singing "kumbaya" with all the rest of them...

But the few that have a place in my heart, are those who love their work and do the work in front of them. Those few who never bother to blame the world or whatever else with what they see is lacking in their lives,and see their best to move up. To them, may Saint Joseph, patron of workers smile from that place above...

On the other hand, I refuse to be political, but I don't see the point in all this protesting on labor day. Funny how they have money to spend on banners, paints, effigies to burn, rally paraphernalia, and torches with fuel, but they complain about not having enough for basic living... I think some people need to sort out their priorities.

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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