09 January, 2009

Boy Meets Boy Trailer

I stumbled upon this BL [boy love -more often associated with the japanese 'yaoi' genre from the way i see it] movie from Korea called "Boy Meets Boy". i found the trailer above quite amusing and from what i can gather from the internet, it's the story of a teenage boy named Min-Soo [played by Kim Hye-Seong]meets another boy who takes his money named Suk-Yee [played by Lee Hyeon-Jin]and later meet again on a bus which soon snowballs into a teen gay romance.

Both the films stars [pictured below] do seem to come out of that bishonen or bishounen [a japanese term which means 'pretty boy'] mold. and in the case of Kim Hye-Seung, who was shot to stardom by the korean public via the "ulljang" phenomenon, his pretty face sure lends to the movie's storytelling.

lee hyeon-jin and kim hye-seong

["uljjang" -quoted from www.dramabeans.com

"The “uljjang” phenomenon is one that is fascinating, odd, borderline disturbing (or at least perplexing), uniquely Korean — and now, it appears, waning.

The word uljjang comes from a mashup of the word for “face” and a slang term for “best,” thereby meaning “best face” or simply “good-looking,” in the same way that momjjang means “well-built body.” However, the term also refers to the phenomenon of recent years where ordinary (albeit extremely good-looking) people have become bona fide celebrities simply from a photo posted online in their blogs, mini-hompages, and cafes. The photo in question would be widely circulated, and the hottie would find him- or herself vaulted into quasi internet celebrity, and then real honest-to-goodness mainstream celebrity once they’d been “discovered” and debuted as actors and entertainers." ]

I'm still looking for a copy of this movie...

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