27 May, 2008

Ten Things and a-lotta-zhu-zhu

i have been quite busy these past few weeks...errr months... i'm supposed to have done this ten things blog ages ago...the summers at multiply have been flooded by these pass-it-on blogs and it's already july...so here goes...

1. I have a another name and identity which is listed/registered legally within the confines of government documentation...tells you something about it ano?

2. At the risk of me unintentionally hitting someone again, let me declare: that my back is actually the most sensitive part of my body...not so long ago, someone special jokingly poked me from behind and suddenly, BAM!!! let me tell you, there was drama three blocks down.

3. I used to -wait- I still do... when i work on art stuff on the floor, i often place my scissors, paitbrush, pencils, x-acto knife etcetera in-between the toes of my feet...and i still end up looking for them midway!!!

4. I once wore a kilt to school as a college freshman in the Ateneo... enough said!!!

5. In the not so distant past when someone asked me about my father, i would always answer, "oh, he's dead." -this was to avoid the trouble of explaining where he was. the thing is, before he even died, i already killed him...so the secret here is: "I'm a MURDERER!"

sidebar: was it not Picasso who uttered, "every artist must kill his father." -or something of the sort

6. My first childhood crush in kindergarten was this girl named Lindsay. she was this little caucasian girl with dirty blonde hair...and gentleman that i was, i actually kissed her hand which i copied off from some episode of "fairy tale theater"

-but at the same time, i loved hanging out with this boy named Doyle... hehehehe

7. Speaking of kindergarten, my first die-cast metal Bioman action figure was PINK FIVE!!!

-hello mother! cinematic foreshadowing is that you?

8. In the process of getting dressed, i struggle more with what underwear to wear than the very clothes that people do see...

[we must be in our intimate best...we must...]

9. I once got soooo wasted with "happy brownies" that i couldn't remember about 8 hours of my life that day.

10. I have a crush on Peter O'Toole -he seemed to have looked quite old even when he was young

thus, i tag:

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Sylveth Ong-iko
Lance Navarrete
Paolo Del Rosario
Robert Chua
Remus Villanueva
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