02 February, 2012

a bit late for new year, but just in time... and a familiar song

[Simeon's Canticle by Hangad]

Every year, the Barefoot Baklesa makes it a point to post this video come the feast of Candlemass; also known as the feast of The Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple -and in some places, the venerated image of Our Lady of Candelaria [Candles] is celebrated.

If you are a practicing Catholic, tradition dictates that the candles for all the rituals and ceremonies of the church are to be blessed on this day. And by some measure, this day marks the countdown for the beginning of the Lenten Season. For the Barefoot Baklesa, the second of February is the official end of the Christmas Season... Yes, he keeps his Christmas decorations up until the middle of February. If you saw them, you would know why he would want to keep them up a bit longer...

But enough of that... just watch the video if you have time to spare.

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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