24 December, 2010

Even the Tiniest Star Could Burn So Bright: HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!


There was once a tiny star; the tiniest star in the universe.
He wasn't a popular star, nor was he noticeable, but he was a good star.
One day, an angel asks the tiny star to accompany him to light the way of
the newborn King; and the tiny star, excited, agreed.
For he had seen many a big star herald the birth of great kings.
The angel said, "This baby will be the greatest of Kings."
And so they went across the vast universe, for the journey was long, and the angel had much to do.
The tiny star was led to a tiny town and told to place himself above a humble stable.
Again the angel asked of him, "Stay thou here, and give him light. For I will bring this good news unto the people of the world." And the angel went on his way.
The tiny star looked down into the stable.
He beheld a man, his wife, and a sleeping child kept warm in a manger.
At the tiny star's heart leaped and he smiled.
He never understood why, but he took a deep breath and mustered all his strength to burn bright;
So bright that learned men that studied the stars could see him through the skies, and follow his path.
And the bigger stars said to him, "Do not burn so bright and waste your fire. For if you do so, you will die."
But the tiny star ignored them and kept on burning, keeping watch of the child in the manger, guiding shepherds to that tiny stable, and later learned men with gifts for the tiny King.
The big stars could only look on, as he burned even brighter than the biggest of them.
And when he exhausted himself and knew his job was done, he asked the angel to find another star to give the king light for he knew he would not last any longer.
And the angel said, "No other star but you will light this king."
The tiny star took his last breath and burned to his last ember.
But God in his place in heaven made sure that we will remember.
And so every year, come this time, we hang a star above us, in memory of the tiny star that burned bright for all of us to know "the King of Kings is born!"

Have a Blessed Christmas Everyone!!!


thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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