22 November, 2010

posting drought is that you?

Lately, i don't know if it's a combination of being busy with sudden bouts of procrastination that has been hindering me from posting anything new or maybe i have nothing with any sense to go on about; But trust me, my readership rates at google analytics have been dipping -not that it's much but i do enjoy the clicks... come on, we're not out here blogging just for our personal pleasure to read -that would be too absurd even to the vainest of all of us.

So I leave you with something to think about today, because I have been stuck with certain pages of my book and it's taking a while to write/move on:

"Like are we writing for Art?
And is Art a springboard for fame?
And will fame give us a paycheck?
And will a paycheck mean that we're sellouts?
And if we sellout, will they yell out me and you?"

-Title of Show

thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa


Fickle Cattle said...

I'm having the same problem. Sometimes I feel like I'm forcing posts out, when it should come naturally.


the barefoot baklesa said...

@ fickle cattle it's either I'm too spent or I'm too lazy...but i definitely need to recharge -considering i only work a total of half a year in days...