27 July, 2010

Oh Mario Maurer, you blog me back!!!

It does take a Mario Maurer update to make raise me from the depths of blogging drought...Bwahahaha!!!

Okay, some people say that Mario Maurer's star is about to implode on himself and fade into oblivion. But the Barefoot Baklesa's loyalty is never to be shaken when it comes to this multi-racial: German/Chinese/Thai actor catapulted to fame by the movie The Love of Siam [just click on the link for my review].

I have read from a fellow blogger Carlo de la Rosa that he has a new movie First Love slated to come out on the 12th of August. More on that from Carlo's Blog. So do click away!

Thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa


Janah said...

you should watch first love.
it was amazing.

the barefoot baklesa said...

where can i get a copy? i'm sooo out of touch lately... i haven't even seen him in 4 Romances, saranae siblor?