31 March, 2010

The Niki de los Reyes-Torres Carroza Challenge Year 3: Saying Goodbye to an old Friend

I haven't posted anything regarding this year's Carroza Challenge due to the really hectic schedule I had to juggle as of late. I still had to do a last minute check on the deliveries for a mall before my flight. This proved to be more than a challenge but also a series of miracles. [for the benefit of the readers who have no idea what a Carroza is, a Carroza is a tiered, decorated platform upon which images of Roman Catholic Saints are placed/mounted, usually with wheels, used in processions for holy week and certain feast days and days of ritual significance.]

Since the Carroza we have been using before has succumbed to termites and rotting, we had to build the wooden tiered platform from scratch once again -had it built in pieces to be bolted once it arrives at our ancestral home in Antique province. The pieces had to travel by ship and almost did not make it through, but the divine has ways.

So as i bid goodbye to the old one, here's to the rush of the new... Like many things, the impermanent remind us that if we don't take care of what we have, we might just lose it -and that applies to a lot of things in life as well.

Still a long way to go before the Maundy Thursday Procession...Breathe...

Thus spake the Barefoot Baklesa

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