10 October, 2008

...the gods have spoken, ergo laugh na lang ako

"...the gods have spoken. I bring a promise, a holy vow. A world that casts you out, forgives you. And those who blame you, sing your praises now."

~How Shall I See You Through My Tears?
from the musical 'The Gospel of Colonus'

Lately, i have been drafting blogs with the attempt to be more profound and less 'acerbic' -as a friend of mine thus defined my random ramblings about life...but i found that exercise rather futile because you are either profound or you are not. So, why should one such as i make an attempt when i know i already am!?! And we're 'acerbic' once again...hahahaha!!! [and if you didn't get that, well...i really don't want to go there.]

But allow me then, to speak of truly noble men, of fierce friends, and those who "aren't necessarily the brightest bulb in the christmas tree."

First, of truly noble men. I am thankful of the respect of those whom i have considered as fathers and mentors and their concern for me in the years past until now. Some of whom, still hold their then 'once wide-eyed idealistic student' with enough regard to protect him from ill-will.
For at a time when silence is golden against the noise of a monkey clattering cymbals, a whisper drowns out the noise bearing truths that endure. And remarkable it is, that there is more than one whisper...

Second, of fierce friends. Learn then, dear reader, the value of true friendship. Without them saying it, they do utter for you this blessing: "May God stand between you and harm, in all the empty places where you must walk." -and if you find them, be assured that they will keep that candle burning by the window. For in your existence, you learn that some friends don't make it into your future for a reason. And those that you get to keep, are worth the laughter and the unavoidable tears. Enough said...

And of course, "that which isn't necessarily the brightest bulb in the christmas tree" or if you prefer the idiom "not the sharpest tool in the shed"
~well, look at it this way, they can be replaced. Their own inadequacies will send them into obscurity. As the other term applies, they will be their own undoing. Laugh na lang ako...


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